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Evgeni Malkin and Magnitogorsk, Russia: How a hockey player came to represent the new hope for a town created by Communism

Mario Lemieux arrived in Pittsburgh 30 years ago a pimply-faced teenager from Montreal who spoke little English. Today, he’s a Pittsburgher. This is the story of that evolution. 

Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA, college sports on trial: Historic antitrust case opens with its namesake on the stand

Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA, college sports on trial: NCAA president Mark Emmert takes on the tricky test of defending the ideal of amateurism

Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA, college sports on trial: Testimony ends after three weeks, with NCAA posturing and a judge still questioning its arguments

Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA, college sports on trial: Judge’s ruling deals a death blow to amateurism

The Murrysville, Pa., school stabbings: Two neighbors met in a high-school hallway with lives — and a way of life — hanging in the balance

The Steelers’ William Gay lost his mother to domestic abuse. In aftermath of Ray Rice scandal, he has kept her voice alive

When Mike Tyson talked to a group of Wounded Warriors, it was hard to tell who needed it more

Sidney Crosby is Canada’s and Pittsburgh’s favorite son, but he is not ‘Sid the Kid’ anymore

A visit to Josef Stalin’s Sochi dacha paints a portrait of life as a very small man

Young Russia vs. Old Russia, and what to make of the country’s Ukrainian invasion


This Is No Game: Three teenagers and the story of how basketball is used therapeutically at Pressley Ridge, a school for kids with mental health issues (Part 1)

This is No Game, Part 2: At Pressley Ridge, bumps in the road

This Is No Game, Part 3: Pressley Ridge, a bridge or a precipice?

This Is No Game, Part 4: ‘Fighting to live, living to fight’

Twenty-five years after Art Rooney Sr.’s death, his five sons remember him through cherished heirlooms

One-man rebellion: how Trafford’s own Sonny Vaccaro took on the NCAA

Raised humbly in Fort Meade, Fla., Andrew McCutchen readies for life in the spotlight as the face of the Pirates

Serious baseball in Pittsburgh? The Pirates are no longer a punchline

How Pirates fans celebrated their first winning season in 21 years

Bob Nutting intends to own the Pirates forever. So what does that mean for the franchise?

Pitt’s Kiwi center Steven Adams is big in Oakland and Auckland

Title IX confused: Boys in PA have been playing on girls’ high-school sports teams


The Pride of Clairton: the story of a dying steel town and its beloved record-breaking Class A football team (Part 1)

Pride of Clairton, Part 2: Building the Bears

Pride of Clairton, Part 3: From tragedy to history

Pride of Clairton, Part 4: Sweet 60

The death of Paterno: Considering a Penn State without JoePa

The incredible story of Jamil Pollard, Penn State’s first post-Sandusky recruit

Guarantee college football games: Gardner-Webb’s trip to Pitt all about the money

Immaculate Reception, Part 1: The play that changed a city

Immaculate Reception, Part 2: The children of the legendary play turn 40

Fran Crippen’s dream was to swim in the Olympics, but he died in the open water

From first-round pick to broke: The humbling of Leon Searcy

The story behind Sid Bream’s slide to glory

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