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Favorites from the Kansas City Star

Illinois’ Assembly Hall needs a $100-million renovation, but by whom? Inside the hot pursuit of two rival KC sports architecture firms.

Youngstown, Ohio, is trying to build a future by looking to the values that once helped it mold boys into successful football coaches.

The real-life owners of the Field of Dreams share a love story and a burden.

At SMU, a death in Texas, 20 years later

How two Texas quarterbacks lost the same beauty pageant and met years later with a shot at No. 1.

Phil Mickelson’s childhood backyard is illuminating.

Barry Switzer, getting comfortable in life’s fourth quarter

Tiger Woods winning the 1997 Masters didn’t change golf’s racial dynamic.

A gay sports bar in Kansas City? You bet.

Senior Golfer Dana Quigley is always on the lookout for the next big roll.

One day, four black men had the courage to drive up a hill and integrate a public golf course.

After a stroke, basketball savant Tex Winter still lives through the geometry of a beautiful game.

Rich Rodriguez, a rare outsider at Michigan

The opening of a boxing gym provides a new strategy for two teens who need one.

A relay race, and a look at the average high-school athlete

A football coach dies suddenly in the middle of Kansas, and his team picks up the pieces.

A district maintenance man doesn’t take a day off for decades and gets a stadium named after him.

The job of team manager helps a high-school student find his place in the world.

A look at the reality of college basketball’s one-and-done rule through the eyes of the Henry family.

Why did KU’s Josh Selby go pro after a sorry freshman year? A trip to East Baltimore explains.

After tragic death of his mother, Thomas Robinson has a new outlook on life and basketball.

Tyshawn Taylor needed a Big Brother to get his life on track.

Former Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins ran up a big travel bill on private planes and limousine rides.

72 hours that saved the Big 12

A visit to the Butler Cabin showed how far Angel Cabrera had come after winning the Masters.


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